Over The Rhine - Barn Raising

By Joe Boyle on May 28, 2015

This past Memorial Day I was so fortunate to be able to see one of my favorite bands in concert - Over The Rhine! This husband and wife duo have been making music for 25 years and their kicking off a new chapter with a "Barn Raising." There's a lot of back story to why they chose to do this - go ahead and check out their site and read all about it. The short of it is, it's a new way for them to continue making and performing music while at the same time have a presence in their community and help young budding poets and musicians.


This past Memorial Day weekend was a 3 day concert to raise funds for the Barn. I wasn't originally able to go, but when they opened up the idea of bartering "work-for-a-ticket", I was on board! I was happy to help and they put my sister (she also came with me) and myself in charge of the merch table. It was fun talking to other fans and helping guide new fans as to what albums they might most appreciate hearing. Here are some photos of the last day of the "festival". Plagiarizing OTRs sign off - Rave On.

Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-041  Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-043 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-044 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-045 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-046 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-047

Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-010 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-011 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-012 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-013 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-014 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-015 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-016 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-017 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-018

Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-036 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-037 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-038

The Merch TableOver-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-039 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-040



Tuesday, Jun 2nd
Way to barter - nice pictures of OTR!
Tuesday, Jun 2nd
Thanks Gary!!
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Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-001 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-002

This is Chuck. He makes Sweet Coffee - La Terza!

Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-003 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-004 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-005 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-006 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-007 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-008 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-009 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-019 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-020  Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-022 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-023 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-024 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-025 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-026 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-027 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-028 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-029 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-030 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-031 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-032 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-033 Over-The-Rhine-Barn-Raising-034


The Barn


My sister Emma, posing for that glamour shot!